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Global Nepali Speaking Christian Leaders' Conference 2017

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GNSCF is organizing its first event "Global Nepali Speaking Christian Leaders Conference". We have different types of sessions on 3 days of conference.

->Date: March 16-18,2017.

->Participant: Around 1,000.


1. Meeting and connecting Pastors and Leaders from all around the globe.

2. Listen and Learn from senior ministers through their ministry experiences.

3. Strengthen our global outreach to Nepali Speaking community.

4. Help them link or provide possible resources regarding ministry.

1. Program Elements:

i. Prayer for each other:Leader will get opportunity to pray for each other on varied issues that Christians have been facing in the world. They could pray for each other's needs. They could give thanks to God for what God has been doing through their life in their respective regions (1- Timothy 2:1-3).

ii. Networking/Interaction:Leaders will get opportunity to meet with other leaders from different countries and build relationship and keep closer connection with leaders from other parts of the world.

iii. Panels Session:: Leaders will get opportunity to ask questions to the panelist on which questions will be limited to ministerial subjects/issues (not doctrinal).

iv. Country wise Presentation:A representative from each country will be given 5 minutes for video presentation. This is an opportunity to present their overall ministry report, such as positive results and various issues Nepali speaking Christian community facing in the country; including growth rate, problems, challenges, ministry needs and so on. He / she needs to send 5 min video to media coordinator by Dec,31,2016.

v. Information on resources:We will share on how we can help Churches on physical, material and also financial aspect if possible.

vi. Appreciation:We will have time of appreciation for our senior leaders who sacrificed their lives and has created Nepali Christian history, for their contribution towards Nepali Christian Churches and for leading us to a healthy leadership ministry.

2. Travel:

For travel, you are self responsible from your home to the conference hall and from Conference hall to your home. We don't have financial support for travel.

3. Venue:

The conference will be held in Siliguri, India. We will send you detail address once you register.

4. Lodging:

We have 3 different types of lodging. They are Church, Dormitory and hotel. You can choose one of them while doing registration.

5. Visa:

A traveler has to arrange all documents that is required for him/her to travel. We the organizers will not take responsibilities on VISA to participate in the Conference.

6. Transportation:

We will provide transportation between the airport and the conference hall for those who come and go by flight. However, those leaders need to provide flight details in advance through our website: www.gnscf.org

7. Registration:

Online registration is available for the participants and organizer's convenience. The deadline for registration is Nov. 31, 2016.

a. Why to attend?

Every Leaders need encouragement from each other. It is a kind of refreshment for leaders to hear what God is doing in other parts of the world as it is a gathering of Global Pastors and Leaders.

b. What you will learn from Conference?

  • You will be able to meet / know other leaders who have better ideas and suggestions for what you may be struggling now.
  • You will able to connect with like minded leaders.
  • You will be strengthened to take your vision to the next level.
  • You will gather spiritual, intellectual and material resources.

  • c. Cost:

    The conference registration fees, based on the country where you reside, are as follows:

  • The US, Canada and Europe: US$100.
  • India, Bhutan and Nepal: [500 INR, 500 NPR or 500 BTN?].
  • All other countries: US$50.

  • With these registration fees, we will provide free dormitory lodging and 7 meals. Participants may stay in a hotel at their own expense. If you request a refund by December 31, 2016, you will receive back 100% of fees. From January 1, 2017, to February 28, 2017, we will refund you 50% of your fees. After that, no refunds will be given.

    d. Criteria:

    Nepali-speaking pastors and leaders are encouraged to participate in the conference. However, those who want to learn for GNSCF can join with us but all need to go through registration process. [I’m really not sure what you are trying to say here.]

    e. Sponsorship/Partnership:

    We welcome sponsors and partners, who want to be part of this movement to reach Nepali-speaking leaders, to be part of this conference. For more details about being a sponsor, please visit our guidelines.

    f. Deadline:

    The deadline for the conference is November 31, 2016. We may accept registrations after that but the registration fee will be $150 and Rs. 700 respectively.

    Click the button to download the registration form: